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Swimming Lessons

Dawson Swimming offers several types of swimming lessons for swimmers of all ages and all swimming levels! Scroll down to see  what sounds good to you...

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Swim-Float-Swim Survival Swimming

Ages 10 mo. - 4 yrs

Swim Float Swim Lessons are intended for children 10 mo. and older. These lessons teach young children the potentially life saving skills of swimming, flipping their bodies onto a back float, and then to continue swimming when they are ready.

These types of lessons take an average of 2-6 weeks to complete. Successful completion of these lessons are marked by 2 tests, Summer Clothes Test and Winter Clothes Test. 

For children 4+ basic swim-float-swim lessons are taught first. This ensures that older kids have the same skill set that will help them swim efficiently and with the safety skill of knowing how to breath in a back float. Older children tend to be quicker at  acquiring these skills. A 2-3 week program is often sufficient for this age group. If time allows, an intro to proper stroke form can be offered.

All swim lessons are one-one-one for 10 minutes, Monday-Thursday for an average of 2-6 weeks.

Further details can be found on the FAQ page and the Parent Guide.

Ages 4 years and up

Stroke Lessons

Stroke Lessons are offered to older children and adults who are interested in developing freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke. 
If older children are not strong swimmers or don't swim at all lessons for these children begin with the swim-float-swim method. This will establish a strong foundation of swimming while teaching them the skill of flipping over on their back to breath effortlessly. From there we will proceed to stroke lessons as time allows.
Stroke lessons are offered in 2 week sessions, Monday-Thursday for 2 weeks, for a total of 8 lessons. Lessons are either one-on-one for 20 minutes or 2-on-1 for 30 minutes.

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