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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are lessons four days a week?

Just as babies learn to crawl and walk by 1) practicing the skill,  2) taking time off for the brain and nervous system to register the trial-and-error information acquired, and then  3) trying again with the appropriate adjustments, that's how your child will learn his swimming and floating. Short but frequent baby swim lessons is the key. That's how babies/toddlers are wired to learn.

Why only ten minute lessons?

Moving your body through the water is hard work at any age. Lessons are designed to be highly focused on developing the muscles and lung capacity to swim safely. You will find that 10 minutes is sufficient for your child to learn these skills and that longer lessons do not yield better results.

What do lessons cost?

Upon signing up, there is a $40 non-refundable registration fee. This holds your spot in the schedule and assures me that when you sign up you intend to follow through with bringing your child to lessons. Lessons are $80 a week, or $20 per lesson. You can expect your child to be in four-days-a-week lessons for 2-6 weeks (depending on the age and ability of the child).

Isn't that expensive?

Yes, but think of it think of it this way, in the event of a water emergency your child has only ONE opportunity to get it right! There is NO price that can be placed on the safety of your child in and around the water. The price of the lessons is set to ensure that all families are motivated to maintain the schedule of lessons required to lead your child to success in the program! Also, as in other sports, there is no special equipment needed for swimming. If you bring us a kid and a towel that is all we need! I think that you will also find that compared to other programs similar to ours, our pricing is reasonable.

Do you do Mommy & Me classes, singing songs and playing games?

No. We teach the skills right away. That way your child is safe and confident sooner. The parent isn't in the water during the lesson.

Do you just throw the child into the water?

No. You're confusing this with what your brother did to you when you were eight. 

What makes your program different?

We don't require you to sign up for a succession of programs in order for your child to learn to swim. From Week One your child will begin to learn to swim the length of our pool, not merely turn and grab the pool's edge. Also, he learns to rise to the water's surface automatically if he falls in. 
The Instructor will see what your child's skills are on Day One and will teach him what he needs from that point on. That's the beauty of having private lessons.

Why don't you just teach the child to swim to the side of the pool?

For two reasons. First, what if the child can't get to the side before running out of air? What does he do then? Also, for very young children, grabbing the side may not be as easy as it seems. Our swimmers roll over, breathe, then flip back to comfortably continue their swim. (Hence the name "Swim Float Swim" method) No panicked dog-paddling. Secondly, by keeping the head in line with the spine rather than popping the head out of the water to get air, we're setting the child up with proper form for learning his swimming strokes later on.

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